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When Megan Mullally was recently in the UK to tour with her band Nancy & Beth, she admitted she was gobsmacked that the reunion came together so quickly.

"It's never happened before in the history of half-hour network television," Mullally marvelled.

The former co-stars were joined at the event by Beau Bridges, Swoosie Kurtz and Christopher Lloyd.

Honoree James is known for having worked on not just Will & Grace, but also such oldies but goodies as Laverne & Shirley and The Bob Newhart Show.

This stems from growing recognition […] PUBLISHED in the South China Morning Post: Thursday, 29 October, 2015 Asian wine markets share many similarities; but do we really all look alike?

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Awarded Master of Wine, the highest wine industry honour, Debra has a serious tongue for wine, but her approach is a little tongue in cheek.

The mini-episode brings Mc Cormack, Messing, Mullally and Hayes back together in Will and Grace's apartment, and gives off some serious nostalgia vibes. If the cast are having this much fun making reunion series came about, in large part, because of a viral video released ahead of last year's US presidential election, in which all four original cast members got back together on set for the first time in nearly a decade.

Fans of the beloved sitcom were probably momentarily stunned watching NBC's latest viral video, as Debra confided in co-star Eric Mc Cormack that she's just too busy on Instagram (and Twitter) to come back to The good news, of course, is that Messing's threats to quit are just the set-up for a brand new mini-episode in which Mc Cormack, Megan Mullally (in full Karen Walker mode) and Sean Hayes must convince her that 's fans are depending on a reunion season!

Morgan (grandfather, deceased)Harry Morgan (father; deceased)Doris Morgan (mother; deceased)Dexter Morgan (foster brother)Harrison Morgan (foster nephew)Astor Bennett (step-niece)Cody Bennett (step-nephew) Private investigator(briefly; 2012)Lieutenant for Miami Metro Police, Homicide division (former; 2011-2012)Detective for Miami Metro Police, Homicide division (former; 2008-2011, 2012)Officer in Homicide (former; 2006-2008)Officer in Vice (former; 2004-2006)Officer in Patrol (former; 2001-2004) Debra went through a childhood trauma as stated in Season Six and she developed post-traumatic stress disorder from her ordeal from Dexter's brother Brian Moser.

Also, she develops a lot of anxiety over finding out about Dexter being a serial killer and going to prison, and it finally culminated when she confronted Dexter and Maria.


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